Robyne Robinson

Decorated broadcaster, Robyne Robinson.

Twin Cities personality Robyne Robinson has been named board chair of Minnesota Museum of American Art (the M).

She will be the museum’s first African-American chair. Minnesota Museum of American Art is one of the oldest visual arts organizations in Minnesota, with roots stretching back to the 19th century.

“I’m excited to work with Executive Director Kristin Makholm, and share her mission to explore what it means today to be an ‘American Art’ museum; what is our identity, whom does it include? The M should reflect the history and diversity of our community in its educational programming and exhibitions,” said Robinson. “It’s time to challenge traditional institutional ideas and give everyone an emotional stake in a museum with 21st century goals.”

Best known as anchor for KMSP-TV Fox 9, Robinson was recently honored as the first African-American inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame. She spent six years as art director at MSP International Airport, developing its widely recognized public arts program. Her curation with MSP architects received several honors, including being named one of “The Most Beautiful Terminals in the World” by travel writers in 2017. In winter 2018, she established the public art consulting firm fiveXfive, working with Alliiance Architects on large-scale improvement projects at MSP International Airport and creating community arts collaborations with businesses and local artists in Minneapolis’ Central neighborhood.

Robinson was also recently named chair of the State Capitol Art Exhibition Committee to address multicultural representation, as well as receiving an appointment to the Minneapolis Arts Commission by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

She assumes the post as the M’s board chair alongside two other African-American board members, Hawona Sullivan Janzen and incoming trustee, Nathan Johnson.

Minnesota Museum of American Art in downtown St. Paul currently holds more than 5,000 artworks that showcase the unique voices of American artists. 

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