Black American History Ultimate full cover

"Black American History, From Plantations to Rap Culture"

It’s not very often that you can pick up a book, find it easy to read and comforting because it speaks to something that pertains to your history. This book, “Black American History, From Plantations to Rap Culture,” is of such.

It was an easy read and very familiar.

The sound of music resonated not only in my head but in my spirit as I perused the pages.

Reading through the pages I was able to go back, and to my understanding of our history ascertain how the songs played a tremendous part of our history through the association and the context made it resonate more as well as remembering the rhythm of the music.

This book, filled with history, offered comfort and gave me guidance and a piece of mine. The amount of history covered in this book in such a short space proved both binding and tremendously welcoming.

The author, Psacal Archimede, is a person of renowned knowledge, very approachable and passionate about his objects and his quantitative research proved worthy.

I would openly and duly suggest to anyone that wants to understand a part of our history through song and music to read it in the pages of this book.

Again, it is well worth the time spent reading, obtaining acquaintance and being reminded of how our songs and music play a role in our history and in transforming it.

From enslavement to rebellion, to outright defiance our music is an umbilical cord to our struggle for identity and freedom. Thank you.

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