S'sense Adams

Tattianna "S'sense" Adams

One of Minnesota’s brightest stars will now shine eternally from the sky.

The Twin Cities arts community was rocked hard Aug. 18 when news of the passing of spoken word artist Tattianna “S’sense” Adams spread throughout social media. Adams, who had been living in Arlington, Texas, recently moved back to the area and was in Minnesota at the time of her passing. Adams was just 28 years old and leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Raheem DeVaughn and more, Adams’ words resonated with most everyone who was blessed to here her voice. With content ranging from love and passion to social and political action, Adams was regarded as one of spoken word’s most gifted talents.

Her closest friend, fellow artist Nakara “SoloStar” White, summed Adams up with one word … love.

“S’sense was light, she was a joy to be around and she made people feel better when she was in their presence,” said White. “She spread love. She took over spaces with her love. She truly gave what she wanted to receive.”

White said Adams’ words were magical both on and off stage.

“Even in conversation she was a poet. Her wordplay was phenomenal,” said White, who refers to Adams as her sister. “What many people don’t know is that many pieces she did were freestyle. She had bits and pieces written but she would feel the vibe of the people and fill in the rest (of her material). She was able to read the energy of a space and give the space what it needed.”

Though no official cause of death has been released publicly, White said Adams was the victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. White said she wanted to share the cause of Adams’ death to serve as a warning to people sitting in idling cars.

“A lot of people just sit and chill in cars and for many it is because they are living in transition and I just want people to be aware of the danger,” said White. 

“It didn’t matter what the occasion was, S’sence walked into every room with a purpose,” said Brittany Wright, DJ and co-founder of The Feels, a monthly event showcasing area talent. “She was always going to show love, smile, laugh, and truly live in the moment. She led by example not only as a performer but a mother. She left behind the gift of her spoken word, and an incredible daughter who embodies the spirit of S’sence and a larger than life presence of her own.”

In one of Adams’ last Facebook post she offered an upbeat 30-minute inspirational message encouraging viewers to take control of their own destinies.

A fundraising event was held in Adams’ honor to benefit Adams’ daughter. Her daughter, who goes by the moniker “Baby S’sense,” performed along with White, Keno Evol, Loyalty and others. The event was hosted by another of Adams’ close friends, comedian Ashli Henderson. Adams’ pastor, the Rev. Carmen Means, who has since moved from the Twin Cities also traveled in and offered words during the event.

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