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Restaurateurs Alex and Margo Roberts are family-first people. The health and wellness of their family shows up in the menu of Brasa Premium Rotisserie. If it’s not good for the kids, then it’s not good for anyone. But there is another way the Roberts’ values show up in the fare they offer at their restaurants and on your plates: Their deep appreciation for America’s diverse foodways.

The genius of their menu is that it also reflects some of the pathways Twin Cities residents have taken here. The menu is as American as Minneapolis. 

These days there’s nothing more American than a rotisserie chicken, however, what makes Brasa’s rotisserie chickens premium is the attention paid to the details. During Mardi Gras, Brasa offered chicken jambalaya, shrimp etouffee and fried catfish - three classic Louisiana dishes reflecting not only southern Louisiana but also northern Louisiana cuisine. Most people will favor gumbo and other New Orleans foods but few appreciate a hearty jambalaya and the fried fish found northerneward in Shreveport. 

Brasa’s sides are a trip through the American south and southwest with a quiet nod to Africa and the Caribbean. You choose: yellow rice with beans or rice and pigeon peas or collard greens or candied yams. You can also order yuca, fried plantain and a vegetarian macaroni and cheese with extras like Cole slaw, cornbread, and andouille-tomato gravy. Top it all off with desserts like their lemon buttermilk pound cake and the coconut tapioca pudding.  

We cannot travel conveniently or safely these days, but we can order from Brasa for a taste of those locations we long to visit or that we once called home. 

Visit to view their amazing menu for takeout, delivery or catering options. They are not open for dine-in at this time. Brasa Premium Rotisserie has three locations: Saint Paul, SW Minneapolis and NE Minneapolis. To speak to their onsite Minneapolis team during business hours, please call 612-379-3030. To speak to their onsite St. Paul team during business hours, please call 651-224-1302.

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