The Twin Cities Black Affinity group will host its spring biannual Twin Cities Black Affinity Network Development Day (TC BANDD) at the Cargill headquarters,15407 McGinty Rd. W., Wayzata this coming Saturday (June 22). 

The event is expected to bring together more than 200 professional people of color to network and gain further insight on how to evolve into phenomenal leaders of their own lives. The theme for this event, The Evolution of Leadership, is designed to expose attendees to different perspectives of leadership and share how leaders are leveraging technology. 

TC BANND board member and organizer Eric Alexander said he wants entrepreneurs, employees and small business owners to take advantage of this event. 

“There is lots of discussion to ensure that we are focused on the voice and needs of our attendees and ensuring that we continue to deliver against our commitment to quality professional development content,” said Alexander. 

New or returning attendees can expect the event to kick off with a brief introduction leading right into a panel discussion featuring Eric Black, global strategic marketing director, Cargill, Drinal Foster, learning & development leader, Wells Fargo, and Shevvi Rogers Crowley, associate director, Best Buy.   

Following the panel discussion, attendees can participate in both a morning and midday breakout session. Breakout sessions vary from Influencing in All Directions to Leading Yourself in a Digital World. One distinguishing factor about the spring TC BANDD  program is more emphasis on growth in the workplace. 

“Our previous sessions have focused on real-time career navigation, goal achievement, and professional development while this session focus on future changes in the workplace and preparing our attendee community to excel in the future environment,” said Alexander. 

Vice president of Logistics and Customer Supply Chain for General Mills, Andrea Turnerwill leada breakout session, Your Career: The Long Game that will tie in the theme of the overall event. Through this session, attendees will have an opportunity to think about and “evaluate their career long term,” said Alexander. 

TC BANDD 12’s itinerary came from direct and survey feedback from previous attendees.

Organizers hope for TC BANDD to be a premiere event that demonstrates successful collaboration with community organizations and businesses owned by people color.  

For more information or to register for this free event, visit  

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