DeSeandra Sheppheard

DeSeandra Sheppheard

St. Paul native, DeSeandra “Seanie” Sheppheard has launched her new website,, a platform to highlight area Black-owned businesses.

Sheppheard said the website garnered more than 50 Black-owned businesses in the Twin Cities within just three days of the announcement. With everything from law offices and construction companies, to meditation, health and beauty products, MN BlackList will host a plethora of businesses, services, and individual creators across the metro, while offering consumers an up-to-date platform to find the products, businesses and services they need.

“The MN BlackList provides a platform for business owners and service providers to connect with potential customers, while offering the general public a user-friendly tool to motivate and support their goal of circulating dollars in Black communities. Black Minnesotans have one of the largest wealth disparities in the nation (and) tools like MN BlackList assist the community in sustaining business and increasing capital,” said Sheppheard.

Sheppheard said the website will list businesses, products, and services, and have reviews, job boards, announcements, and more. Additionally, Sheppheard said the BlackList may be used as a guide for new Black residents and those that travel to Minnesota and are seeking intel on where to go for entertainment, food and other services.

“This will be a truly inclusive platform; a place where all Minnesotans can not only find Black-owned businesses but seek out vetted, highly reviewed services that provide the standard of quality consumers desire. Business owners will love the ‘Reviewed’ feature, where a BlackList staff reviews their products or services, and gives them our BlackList stamp of approval. This feature will give customers a peek inside how the product/service works, and, what interacting with the company is like,” said Sheppheard.

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