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Village Financial Cooperative has formed a partnership with Square, Inc. and the City of Minneapolis. 

Village Financial Cooperative (VFC) is an emerging Black-led credit union on the Northside of Minneapolis with a mission to ignite a financial renaissance within the local Black community and beyond through cooperative economic practice. In partnership with Village Financial, Square will provide financial literacy programming to the residents of North Minneapolis. This includes providing education on financial management, access to capital, and tools entrepreneurs can use to help grow their businesses. Representatives from Village Financial say Square will also donate point-of-sale hardware for VFC’s physical location to help bring modern and innovative technology to the community.

“Square is proud to partner with Mayor Frey, the City of Minneapolis, and Village Financial Cooperative to work together towards financial inclusion,” said Courtney Robinson, Financial Inclusion Lead at Square. “Since first connecting with VFC last year, we have admired their work to build a platform that delivers innovative financial products and services to underserved communities in Minneapolis – a purpose we share. We are excited to collectively bring financial education programming and innovative technology to the people of North Minneapolis.”

“Thanks to this new partnership with Square and Village Financial Cooperative, we can streamline delivery of information about city services, programs, and resources presently available,” said Frey. “You won’t need a meeting with your council member or mayor for a primer on navigating city hall. The information will be provided right there on your screen, and our small business team can be notified of the interest and follow-up.”

The City has designated April as Minneapolis Tech Month. In honor of participating in this month, Village Financial Cooperative will be hosting Village^2: Black Economic Empowerment Symposium on April 27 with support from Square and the City of Minneapolis. This is a day-long symposium to learn ways in which Village is addressing equity and investing in Black enterprise. Participants in this series of workshops and trainings will gain the tools to grow as an entrepreneur for Black financial liberation and learn how to be more involved in the movement.

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