Mayowa Ojo

Mayowa Ojo

Local business owner Mayowa Ojo has been in the lash business since 2015 but is going into 2020 with a serious upgrade. 

She recently moved her business, Lash Haus, into a physical location in the Powderhorn neighborhood where she’s able to serve a larger clientele and provide training for aspiring eyelash technicians. 

Starting from humble beginnings in 2014, she moved to Minnesota from Illinois as a college dropout. She used the money she was making as an exotic dancer to fund for her education and certifications as an eyelash technician and esthetician from Aveda. She provided free services out of her home to practice, and once her training was finished, she moved into a salon suite in Roseville. Starting without a grant or small business loan, she invested all her first year’s lash income back into her business until she was able to build up enough business credit to take out a small business loan and expand her business. 

By January 2018 she had added two new titles to her resume – mom and lash technician educator. She launched Lash Boss Academy, a training program for aspiring lash technicians that shows the ins and outs of how to thrive in the growing industry of eyelash extensions. The online course includes two e-books, 10 instructional videos and a certificate of completion for those who complete the course. She also provides in-person instructional courses and business tips for how to become a “lash boss.” 

Her advice to aspiring lash bosses and fellow creatives is to build connections and relationships with people in order to thrive. She also recommends the book “The Go-Giver.” Her philosophy is to always be a student. Even though she’s a certified and licensed esthetician, lash technician, and instructor she’s constantly traveling and taking courses to increase her skill set. 

To some, eyelash extensions may seem like an unnecessary cosmetic enhancement, but Ojo believes it’s the root to feeling good. 

“When I look and feel good I perform at my best. Especially after having a baby, I had to make it a priority,” said the entrepreneur. 

She’s now prioritizing her selfcare, her clients’ lashes, and her Lash Boss students at her new storefront location at 3447 Bloomington Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

“I want to say I didn’t choose this profession; it chose me,” said Ojo. “Honestly, I still can’t believe people pay me to do this for a living. (It’s) so humbling. If I can do it anyone can.”

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