Trio Plant-based

It’s officially Lent season, and as Meatless Friday is observed throughout the Twin Cities, we have compiled a list of Black-owned restaurants and food businesses that sell fish and plant-based foods. 

The restaurants we list have a variety of items on their menus or specialize in meatless foods. 

Soul Bowl offers a variety of meatless and vegan options, including sides that are cooked without meat, a lemon pepper salmon bowl, and a vegan fried chicken option. 

Afro Deli has a number of Afro-fusion (Africa, American, and Mediterranean) vegetarian foods to choose from, especially for lunch orders. 

Trio Plant-based is all plant-based, all day, every day. You can order entrées, desserts and kid’s meals, including plant-based soul food standards. 

Mama Sheila’s House of Soul has its ongoing Friday Night Fish Fry. Order ahead and you can order catering options to feed a few or many. 

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen’s sides come in vegan and vegetarian options, including their fried plantain and some desserts. 

The Red Sea has their famous fish and fries to share as well as their Fish Tibs entrée. 

Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant has vegetarian entrees and sides. 

Mamatis Liberian Restaurant has an Attieke entrée as well as a fish with dry rice entrée on their menu and a host of vegetarian side offerings. (Get their ginger beer.) 

These eight restaurants can feed you from breakfast to late-night snacks, and beyond April 2, the last day of Lent. Call ahead to order for curbside pickup and delivery options.

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