The actual building is beginning to look more like the artist rendering of the new home of Estes Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, at the corners of Penn and Plymouth Avenues in North Minneapolis.

Construction is ongoing at the Estes Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services site at the corners of Penn and Plymouth Avenues in North Minneapolis.

New materials are being delivered to the site daily. The construction crew is unloading, stacking, staging, storing and coordinating materials on this project. As can be seen, the exterior walls have been erected without the final exterior finish material. This will be added at a later date.

Currently all of the building has a temporary enclosure of the ubiquitous poly-sheeting that creates a distinct separation between the interior and the exterior. The high roof and the clerestory windows are covered. This poly-sheeting is then stretched to the ground to become a part of the plywood doors at the future entry doors to the facility. These doors will likely be install last. This will allow for the delivery of furnishings, fixtures and equipment especially designated for the successful operation of this business.

The poly-sheeting is hung in the interior to complete the separation between interior and exterior. Temporary heating units are now working to provide an environment for both the construction effort by the workers and for the material installation. As this environment gets warm, above 32 degrees, the workers can remove their exterior clothes, and allow the materials to remain warm and dry. Cold weather should be avoided, as this could have an adverse effect on the materials.

Most of the window frames and the glazing have been installed. Poly-sheeting has been installed on the building interior. This location is better able to diminish the wind from disrupting the construction processes. Interior walls, offices, chapels, conference rooms, lavatories, work rooms and other spaces, are being laid out.

All is noted in the contract documents. These documents are comprised of two distinct parts; the construction drawings and the technical specifications. The specifications are housed totally within the “Project Manual,” which is a book, full of words, no pictures. Every item in this building, from the concrete, to the carpeting the countertops, to the windows, doors. and hardware, are delineated in the technical specification by division.

There are 34 divisions numbered from 00 to 48. Except for 00 and 01, these divisions are further organized into three sections for specific instructions regarding the work. They are General, which describes the work bring undertaken; Products, those items that are acceptable for use on this project and Execution, instructions on how this product becomes a permanent part of this construction project.

This format is used throughout North America and was founded in 1948 by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) for the primary porpoise of uniformity for both the architectural profession and the construction industry in their projects nationwide.

This project will meet the standards and requirements of any other newly constructed building in the Twin Cities this season.

Since July of 2017, architect Randall Bradley has been writing a multi-part series on the construction of new development at the corners of Penn Avenue North and Plymouth Avenue North in Minneapolis.


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