Details for Event and Promotion Specialist(s) Consultant(s) Wanted

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park Legacy Counsel seeks an event specialist and a promotion specialist to help make our August event, Beloved Community, a success.  We are looking for the right person or persons to perform these functions.  Compensation will be determined based on the functions performed.

Our Beloved Community event is significant for our community.  It is intended to connect the legacy and life of Dr. King and the civil rights movement with current issues that confront our community.  The spirit of the event is critical too.  It builds on the spirt and strength of our own members who were, and still are, warriors for civil rights. Successful candidate(s) for planning and promotion need to demonstrate that they will create an event that manifests these qualities and promotes this spirit.

What We Are Looking For

Event Planning

Beloved Community has been held annually on the third Saturday in August for 3 hours since 2011 in collaboration with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB).  As such, it draws on MPRB resources and Park staff helps coordinate and set up.  In the past, the Parks provided 2 inflated jumpers, face painting, children’s craft activities and the mobile stage with sound system.  The Legacy Council provided a hot dog/food truck, ice cream, music, a neighborhood resource fair and a short array of speakers.  We have the use of the entire Park.

We are looking for someone to help us shape the event so that a coherent theme and mood are created and are demonstrated throughout the afternoon.  Overall, our theme is about racial and social justice.  The mood draws upon African American tradition and the spirit that energized the civil rights movement.  We hope to recreate that spirit at the event. 

Given this overall context, we are looking for an event that:

  • ·         Attracts African American neighbors
  • ·         Attracts all generations
  • ·         Appeals to all people
  • ·         Has much positive energy and is fun
  • ·         Appeals to families
  • ·         Motivates people who attend to get involved with racial and social justice campaigns

Event Promotion

Our intent is to cultivate an audience that knows this event and looks forward to it every year.  Our goal is to attract 200-500 people.  We want to “brand” this Beloved Community” event.  We are looking for a person who is familiar with all forms of media, advertisement and other forms of communication with potential attendees.  We are hoping to mount a communications campaign that is compelling to potential attendees and penetrates to elders, youth and other neighbors.  The Park Board will print posters and fliers and promote the event on its website.  The campaign should also attract people from throughout the metro area.


The successful candidate(s) will have:

  • ·         At least 5 years’ demonstrated success in public event planning and promotion/communication.
  • ·         Connections to African American culture
  • ·         Familiarity with South Minneapolis neighborhoods
  • ·         Familiarity (participation preferred) with social justice movements
  • ·         Ability to work in collaboration with a volunteer committee

Please reply to Art Serotoff – 651-492-7070 – – by February 20.  We will hire by March 1




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