Details for Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light - Environmental Justice Faith Organizer Position Available

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light

Environmental Justice Faith Organizer Position Available

Created: December 12, 2018 Application review begins January 15; position open until filled. To apply, send resume and cover letter to


This organizer will represent Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light’s mission to build people power to address the climate crisis by being the primary lead on our “Just Solar” campaign. Work will include facilitating an existing group of solar developers, faith, academic and nonprofit partners in order to drive equity throughout the emerging solar industry in MN. This organizer will also lead an effort to get youth engaged and trained to do energy efficiency work in local businesses and congregations. In the process, the organizer will help mobilize existing congregational groups to promote environmental justice at the practical, systemic and spiritual level. It will be essential to understand MNIPL’s mission and values and its other programs and to persuasively translate that understanding into spaces that engage and inspire audiences to support climate justice and to take action.


• Demonstrated commitment to building movements that advance the values of just, equitable and thriving communities.

• Experience working or volunteering with nonprofit organizations or faith communities.

• Excitement and experience mentoring HS youth

• Comfortable following prescribed processes, documenting processes and suggesting process improvements to follow through with opportunities to connect businesses and faith communities with carbon reduction opportunities.

• Competency with multiple communication channels: email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, databases, print materials and others.

• Ability to communicate thoughtfully and persuasively in writing, conversations, meetings and small and large presentations to build awareness for climate justice, equity and solar energy fundamentals.

• Experience working in a fast-paced, collaborative, high-trust environment.

• Self-motivated; comfortable working either independently, with limited supervision, and at timescollaboratively, with a willingness to accept feedback.


• College degree preferred.

• At least 5 years of experience coordinating projects or organizing constituents.

SALARY RANGE: $35,000 - 48,000 dependent on experience. Includes health bonus, other benefits.


Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light works to build a stable climate that supports vibrant, equitable communities for all life. We believe the active care of creation is integral to spiritual life and social justice.

More about our mission and programs is available at our website,



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