Teto Wilson

Teto Wilson

Now going into the third year, Covid continues to have devastating impacts on so many people, families and communities. Due in part to lies, deceptive communication, exclusionary marketing strategies and money-hungry medical providers, some African Americans continue to be hesitant to getting vaccinated against Covid. Finding reliable information and trustworthy vaccine providers- especially in the Black community- is critical if there is to be an increase in vaccinations and possible reductions in COVID-related deaths.

Teto Wilson, owner of Wilson's Image Barbers and Stylists (located in North Minneapolis) is using his platform and space to provide trustworthy and reliable COVID-related information and resources. Since going into business in August of 2007, his mission has been to improve community economics, individual mindset, personal image, and more recently public health.

Wilson has a background in education and a passion for self care, adding Covid-19 vaccinations to his business seems to be a progressive fit.  “When Covid-19 began, nobody knew what to do. Everyone just wanted to stay alive,” said Wilson.

Wilson admits that at first, he was resistant getting vaccinated  “I was not going to get it [just] based on our history with the healthcare system,” he said. After many conversations with researcher Dr. Zeke McKinney, Wilson got vaccinated.

These divine connections and conversations led Wilson to get a contract with the Minnesota Dept of Health. He is currently providing testing in his barbershop on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vaccinations are provided by an all African-American nursing staff.

Wilson intentionally chose North Minneapolis for his business. “I wanted it to be more than a place that people come to get a haircut. I wanted it to be more than a one- or two-way transaction. I wanted it to be more about community,” he said.

For this year, Wilson will continue his health and wellness work awith more health-related partnerships. He also plans to continue building his other businesses, ‘Black Love Rocks’; ‘Up Your Image’; and ‘Image Renewal Organics’. Vaccinations will continue at his current site, for the remainder of the year, and then will be given at the commercial site he just purchased, located directly next to his current barbershop.

If you are interested in more information about the COVID-19 vaccination, feel free to contact Teto at (763) 245-8922.


Brandi D. Phillips BS, MBA, is a freelance writer, health and wellness coach, mother of 2, and life partner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this article, please email her at wellifethreesixty@gmail.com.

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