Anglim, Dominic, The Secret Words

Helping children feel better is helping them build self-confidence.  This book is written to do exactly that!  Follow Rija, the lemur’s adventure through the Madagascar forest and learn about the importance of loving oneself.  When Rija discovers 4 ‘secret words’, she realizes she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Brown, Mark, Zen Pig:  Feelings Are Clouds

Children learn to focus their emotions when they are stressed out or anxious.  The enjoyable tale can help adults, too!  Zen Pig teaches children the value of gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion in a way that’s easy for them to understand. It’s a perfect book for helping children calm down.  (a series)

Chu, Rachel Urrutia, Fiona Flamingo

This colorfully illustrated book teaches that it’s okay if you don’t understand your emotions and it’s okay to be scared, angry, and sad at times.  Fiona Flamingo is also a great resource for helping children see that being unique should not be looked down upon.

Gaither, Jennifer, I Can Yell Louder

This book teaches that you don’t have to yell and throw a tantrum to get what you want.  The content provides the means for dealing with frustrated children so they can understand how to communicate what they want in the proper way.

Kutasi, Jason, A to Z:  A Life of Glee

This book has been known to help pull young children out of sad feelings!  The hilarious story within not only helps children learn the alphabet, but also teaches them about being friends with each other and having compassion.

Mayfield, Joy, A Friend is Someone Who . . .

This fun, rhythmic book is great for children who are beginning and understand what it means to care for someone else.  Psychologists often recommend this book as a resource when helping socialize children.  It focuses on values such as compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Mayfield, Joy, A Mother’s Love

Psychologists say the most important thing we can do for our children is let them know they are loved especially when the world around them seems to be falling apart.  This beautifully written book will help children understand the unconditional amount of love parents have for them.  It’s a great book for families to get back to what really matters.

Owen, Daniela, Right Now, I Am Brave

In the second book of her Right Now series, Dr. Owen explains the choice that we all have when we face situations that may make us anxious or fearful.  This book is perfect for the uncertain times we face today and can be vey effective in teaching children how to deal with their fears.

Owen, Daniela, Right Now, I Am Fine

This book is a mindfully written self-help guide to aid children in dealing with stress and anxiety by uncovering their emotions and following a simple calming routine.  Dr. Owen is a clinical child psychologist in the San Francisco Bay area.  She specializes in using evidence-based treatments to help with managing anxiety, worry, anger, and low mood.

Owen, Daniela, Right Now, I Am Kind

In the third book of her Right Now series, Dr. Owen helps children learn what it means to be kind and aware of other people.  This book is a guide for children to help them understand why being aware is important, and what actions they can practice to show compassion.

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