Week Two Day 14 recap


It’s been a tough couple of days. I was exposed to second hand smoke from cigarettes for more than four hours Friday afternoon. By Friday night I had t o run to the store for cough medicine and VICKS to get through the night. Coughing and throwing up phlegm was how I spent Friday night.

I almost didn’t make it to fitness lab Saturday morning, but inspired by the commitment to participate until the very end of the ten weeks I dragged myself out the door. And, yes, down the stairs. No elevator for me.

The aroma of the newly baked croissants intermixed with the freshly brewed coffee hit me square in the face when I walked into my favorite corner, high end grocery store. I walked quickly past the delectable delicacies, focused on picking up almond milk for my Strawberry Spinach smoothie Julie the nutritionist suggested we try.

What the heck one little croissant and tiny cup of coffee is not going to push me over the edge, making me run to closest fast food place. I’m over that! I can just treat myself once a week, no big deal. I have this. I’m not a kid. I have no intention of denying myself anything at this stage of my life.

As I placed my delish croissant ever so gently in its own specialty little bag, careful not to get too many crumbs and keep the integrity of its buttered crust. The hairs in the back of my neck stood up, I could feel Jaime Minor’s piercing eyes telepathically asking me “really?” She must be part Latina as she can see through walls and read my mind.

Then another vision … before I left the F.I.T. Lab Tyrone poked his head up the stairs giving me the ‘thumbs up’ his eyes smiling at me. With the belly aching and complaining I did, I’m sure he was surprised to see me. He’s so proud of me. Me too I’m proud of me. It’s only eight more weeks to go. I can do this.

Okay, okay, okay … back went the croissant and I never did hit the coffee shop. I walked out of the store with the almond milk, a bag full of almond nuts and dried fruits, an orange and bananas. I also walked up the nine flights of stairs to my place.


Went out running errands this afternoon I walked down the stairs to my car, adding two extra floors of stairs. When I got back and parked my car, I walked up the eleven flights. Who’s bad? I’m bad! Whoo (cough, huff, puff, cough, cough…ouch!) hoo!!

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