Northpoint Health & Wellness Center recently broke ground on what is expected to be a 30-month project, culminating in the first quarter of 2024. When this ground-breaking project is complete the center expects to have expanded wings in its medical, dental, and behavioral services divisions.

“Our building will be a reflection of the needs of past, present and future generations,” said Kimberly Spates, Chief Operations Officer, Human Services. “We will basically have a one-stop-shop.”

While under construction, NorthPoint will continue to serve community via their WIC program, Senior program, food shelf, (located at Penn Avenue and Golden Valley Road) as well as, medical, dental, and behavioral services (located at Penn and Plymouth Avenues). All programs move to promote self-sufficiency by focusing on client-centered plans that promote health initiatives and remove disparities.

COVID-19 testing is also provided at the Plymouth location in the lower level.

Northpoint’s updated building will also to include: a larger pharmacy, a wellness facility where community can pray, meditate and host healing events; a drop-in childcare center for patients who have appointments or who are attending classes; a community garden and courtyard; the ‘Bistro Café’ that will provide access to food and beverages; and a social enterprise job training program (in conjunction with Hennepin County and the Urban League).

“Our community board drives our work. Half of the board is made up of patients,” said Spates.   “Most on [our] board have ties to North Minneapolis- they live, work or receive services here, too.”

With NorthPoint serving over 100,000 people per year, improving the quality of care, that is delivered in one place- the expansion is necessary. Representation and expansion have always mattered.

Formerly named Pilot City Neighborhood Services,   the original location, according to the NorthPoint’s website, “Was designed to pave the way for future programs. The model combined public health and clinical medicine under one roof. It was noted at the time, that “the problems of health are closely inter-related to the problems of poverty, education, housing, employment, human relations, and community disorganization.”

The 2000s brought about more change including mergers that created:

  • Glenwood Lyndale Community Clinic
  • Pilot City Neighborhood Services
  • Pilot City Human Services
  • Pilot City Mental Health Services

In 2006, the community clinic was approved for funding as a public entity community health center. Through a unique co-applicant agreement, the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners began sharing governance of NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center with NorthPoint, Inc., (formerly Pilot City Neighborhood Services) while maintaining fiscal responsibility for the health care operations. (

The current building, built in 2018-2019, is an independent nonprofit social/human services agency co-located with the NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center.

During its construction and growth phase, NorthPoint has partnerships with Hennepin County and Urban League to hire community workers for construction on the project. Set to start mid to late September, the project includes numerous minority contractors. Community partnerships will continue even after project completion.

With a rich, 50-year, community-driven history, growth is imminent.   When this project is over, all services will be in the same building, providing the whole-person integrated care desired by the community.   

When told about the updates, community member Tanisha Cummings said, “this is exciting, and much needed. I am looking forward to the new building.”

To stay updated on the progress of the renovated care clinic our to obtain medical, dental services call (612) 543-2500. To connect with human services programs, call (612) 767-9500. More information is also available at

Brandi D. Phillips is a Health and Wealth Coach, mother of two, life partner, and lifelong learner.   If you have questions of concerns, you can reach her at

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