Summer bodies

Summer bodies come from a combination of eating right and exercise.

In Minnesota the weather is a unifying theme of discussion and complaint year-round. 

Our winters seem to last for six to nine months and sometimes it seems that our lives revolve around preparing for winter or celebrating that it is finally over. While there many winter sports to participate in, the shorten daylight hours and less outdoor time often lead to weight gain. Also, the layering of clothing that is needed to stay warm provides a mental and visual barrier to realizing the increase in abdominal girth that is occurring. Then along comes summer and we can finally strip off some of the layers but unfortunately the pounds do not come off with the clothing. So, what can we do to get our bodies sculpted for summer (and lifelong)?

Of course the basics start with a healthy, active lifestyle and diet. At the center of the healthy lifestyle is adequate, quality sleep which is the engine for everything else. Without proper sleep our metabolism slows down, fatty storage increases, our Grehlin hormone to eat more increases and we become emotionally less stable. Most sleep experts recommend routinely getting more than six hours of sleep each night and ideally seven or eight hours of sleep consistently. When we are well rested even our desire to be more active increases and with the improved hormonal balance, our other efforts at weight loss become more effective.

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein in, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates should be enjoyed routinely and healthy proportions with the realization that are biggest impact for caloric change comes by not consuming in the first place. Try to focus less on the name of the diet and more on healthy eating that can be sustained lifelong.  Mealtime should be fun times of socializing and relaxation not stressed by calorie counting and avoidance.

Exercise is important not only for weight loss but also for a healthy body as it helps to build strong bones and muscles that reduces our risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures in the future and improves lungs and cardiovascular function. Someone that exercises has a much better chance of surviving a heart attack with less complications because exercise improve vascularity to the heart muscle. Most experts recommend 10 to 30 minutes of exercise each day and as often as possible varying the exercise to minimize plateauing, muscle fatigue and injury.  Ideally exercise doing an activity you enjoy to increase your chances of doing it regularly.

Water with it’s low to no calorie content is not only necessary for proper body functioning but also can be used to help with satiety. If the idea of plain water is not appealing then adding carbonation with or without fruits is helpful. Establish a routine of drinking water evenly throughout the day, consider drinking a glass of water every 2 hours during your workday.

While many of us are able to achieve the body contour we desire with changes in her diet and exercise, many of us have stubborn areas of fat that persists even when we reach the ideal number on the scale. Weight loss in general is an all over process with oftentimes our more problematic areas still being out of proportion to other areas. Thankfully there are multiple ways of getting rid of areas of stubborn body fat.

Coolsculpting is the technique for permanently reducing subcutaneous body fat that is most talked about with advertisement in every aspect of the media. It was the first FDA cleared procedure for permanent fat reduction gaining clearance in September 2010 in the U.S. and 2009 in Europe. It has extensive research and long-term studies and patients validating its results. It was developed by Harvard University scientists Drs. Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson with their initial paper being published in November 2008. The coolsculpting procedure was based on the observation that some children who sucked on popsicles would get dimpling from the cold causing loss of fat cells. The technology has been developed in such a way that the fat cells are targeted for the freezing therapy without damaging the overlying skin or other tissues. Each treatment typically removes 20 to 25 percent of the subcutaneous fat in the treated area. This fat is then cleared from the body similar to fat in foods by the body's natural elimination processes. It is permanently gone. If you gain weight the fat cells remaining in the area would enlarge. Thankfully, by age 25 years, we do not acquired new fat cells except with pregnancies. Often two treatments to an area is required to achieve desired results. Treatments are typically spaced four to eight weeks apart.

While there are persons that may not be candidates for coolsculpting, it has many advantages including being noninvasive-you can go to work the same day and as well perform work or read while reclined having coolsculpting being performed; it is reasonably affordable compared to other cosmetic procedures and has no significant complications.

TruSculpt 3D was granted FDA clearance in June 2018  for lipolysis using monopolar radiofrequency waves to deliver heat to cause death of the subcutaneous fatty tissues. Similar to coolsculpting, the fat is permanently removed and two or three treatments may be needed to achieve desired contour. Results are best notice one to three months after treatment. It is generally less expensive than coolsculpting with initial FDA clearance being for skin tightening and reduction of cellulite.

Venus Legacy is another body contouring system that uses radiofrequency ways however it delivers its energy using a combination of multipolar radiofrequency waves and pulse magnetic field for the treatment. While FDA cleared for facial wrinkles and skin tightening, and it also has indications to reduce circumferential fat and the appearance of cellulite but permanency is not established.  Multiple treatments are required with packages usually consisting of 5 or more treatments to an area ideally spaced one to two weeks apart.

Liposuction is still a very sought-after method of body contouring and is the oldest way of permanent fat reduction as it physically removes the fat from the body.  It is generally done in one or two sessions with its major advantage being that the results are more immediate and larger volumes of subcutaneous fatty tissues can be reduced in a single session. There are many ways of accomplishing the fat removal including ultrasound and laser assisted. The disadvantages of liposuction centers around the risk for complications that are fairly infrequent but can be significant especially those related to bleeding, fat or blood emboli to vital organs such as the brain and lungs with risk for stroke and other life-threatening or ending outcomes.

As we will strive for that ideal body shape and try to unlock our individual fountain of youth, lets remember to enjoy the summer (and winter) in whatever body we have.

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