The Why You? Initiative, Inc. ([YU?]) will host its Biannual Spring Confab to be held at InterContinental Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Hotel, 5005 Glumack Dr., Minneapolis.

The conference takes place March 29 and March 30.

Formally called Confab, the conference draws individuals from various cultural backgrounds, academic training levels and geographical backgrounds. The primary focus of Confab is to expose and provide students and young professionals pathways to help them achieve their career vision and self-fulfillment. Confab 2019 centers on five foundational pillars – academic/professional development, social/personal advancement, healthcare and fitness, financial strategy and growth, and community enrichment ad current issues.

High school students, college students (undergraduate and graduate), young professionals and parents will have the opportunity to engage in several cutting-edge presentations and participate in developmental/hands-on workshops on emerging issues and challenges facing underrepresented minorities and communities.

Youth professionals, educators, university admission officers, mentors, governmental agents, non-profit leaders, and community activists/leaders and others who are working with youth and young professionals are encouraged to attend. Foundations and corporations who are investing in youth development programs are also invited to attend the conference.

The Why You? Initiative, Inc. [YU?] is a national nonprofit organization established in 2011 to eradicate barriers to students and young professionals’ success by effectively delivering longitudinal support/mentoring via a fusion of technological and traditional mediums.

For more information on guest speakers and workshop presenters, as well as registration fee guidelines, please visit or email

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