Vision Board event

It is common knowledge that the relationship between mothers and daughters or older and younger women shapes the lives of both generations.

As their lives evolve, they achieve many goals; graduating, getting a dream job, finding a soulmate, having children, retiring and contributing to the world in other avenues. The support of another woman is vital to survival at all stages of life. Over time, many lose sight of the fact that life is an evolving process and become stagnate. A young woman seeks guidance and older woman should continue to dream and set new goals. We should reinvigorate our lives throughout the years. 

One way to manifest the new is with a vision board. Creating a vision board is a strong way to visualize aspirations and set new goals. The Mother and Daughters Sharing the Future: Vision Board event hosted by Tene Wells Consulting takes place May 19 from 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at 3700 Huset Pkwy., Minneapolis. The event is $25. 

Mothers and daughters or mentors and mentees from adolescents to elders are encouraged to attend. 

“Creating a clear image of our aspirations creates a better intention, makes you more creative, gives you motivation, makes you productive, increases chances of success, unleashes your inner potential, boost self-confidence and makes you positive and happy,” said Tene Wells. “Creating an inspiring vision board filled with inspiring quotes, positive affirmations, pictures and happy vibes will give each person a chance to express new dreams, set new goals and continue to imagine new adventures. This event is intended to help develop healthy supportive relationships. You will walk away with a wonderful plan for your future and an understanding of the aspirations of an important woman in your life.” 

Tickets are available online.

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