WASHINGTON, D.C. – AARP is launching “Sisters from AARP,” a new digital newsletter celebrating Gen-X and Baby Boomer African-American women.

The weekly newsletter, reaching subscribers every Tuesday, features content created for Black women by Black women.

“Sisters from AARP is created specifically for Gen X and Boomer black women to offer fashion, health, career, and relationship advice in a fun, relatable voice that speaks to them,” said Myrna Blyth, senior vice president and editorial director, AARP Media.

“Our writers and social media team members are opening a space where we black women can share real talk and advice about what matters to us,” said Editor in Chief Claire McIntosh.

“This is a meaningful milestone in AARP’s continuing commitment to authentically, intentionally engage and support diverse audiences,” said Edna Kane Williams, senior vice president, Multicultural Leadership. “African-American women are thirsting for information about how to live our best lives. AARP is committed to being that go-to resource.”

The Sisters from AARP newsletter will include culture, beauty and health information such as featured stories cover everything from strategies to maintain the ageless allure Black women pride themselves on; to a writer’s triumph over stubborn pounds after she uncovered reasons midlife weight loss is harder; to a surprisingly personal look at the connection between sisterhood and mental health. It will also feature articles on current trends/travel highlighting upcoming events, festivals and shows, a music playlist and career/money advice.

For more information, visit www.sistersletter.com.

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