Family computer safety

If possible, if working remotely, keep work on separate devices not utilized by the rest of the family.

Terrance Gaines is a husband, father and sought after IT professional, consultant, and personal technology specialist, and data security expert. Better known as “BrothaTech,” Gaines has been featured in PC Mag, Black Enterprise and Ebony magazines as both a guest and contributor. 

Like the rest of us, BrothaTech is constantly vigilant over his household’s security and safety when it comes to the internet. His household has two remote workers as well as young remote-learners. He has a few tips to share for remote workers who are also monitoring their children’s distance learning activities. 

T Gaines

Terrance "BrothaTech" Gaines

  1. Don’t mix up kids’ accounts/passwords with adult accounts/passwords linked to banking/personal data. 
  2. Use stronger passwords. Use passphrases instead of passwords.
  3. Use built-in password manager services or a 3rd-party password manager app.
  4. For older kids cell phones, enable 2-Factor Authentication. 
  5. If possible, if working remotely, keep work on separate devices not utilized by the rest of the family. 

Need tips for sanitizing your devices during the Covid-19 crisis? Here’s one: “Now is good time to get more acquainted with voice assistants like Siri, to complete simple tasks like sending texts, emails, answering calls, checking your calendar, etc.”

Are you a Mac user? BrothaTech’s Annual Mac Cleanup Checklist can be used any time of year and often to keep your Mac running efficiently. 

Visit for more information from Terrance Gaines’ blog or to access his podcast and interviews. 

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