Utility Box

The Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc. (MPNAI) has issued an open call for visual artists to work with community outreach partners to create public art on utility boxes in the neighborhood. 

Four professional artists will be chosen and paired with each of the four community partners that serve youth to design and create the art for the utility boxes with the youth. The artist will take direction in designing the process from the youth and staff of the paired MPNAI community outreach partner organization, drawing from the specific work of the organization and communities that the organization serves.  

The theme of this public art project is to hold up images in the neighborhood of physical and cultural health through healthy connections. Health and connection could look like very different things for different people and we want to portray, validate, empower, and respect all the different healthy ways of being and connecting in the neighborhood. The artists and paired organizations will be assigned a utility box that is in close proximity to their work and is also on heavily trafficked streets of the neighborhood so residents and commuters can experience the art.    

Artists are encouraged to apply by sending a cover letter, resume, work samples of art work, (preferably public art work) and work sample descriptions by Nov. 1. Up to five images are allowed. Artists chosen will receive $1,000 for working on the project with the community partners. Please state in the cover letter which partner organization/s you are interested in applying to work with. Send applications to midtownphillips.outreach@gmail.com.

The community outreach partners involved in this project include St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, KRSM Radio/Waite House, Banyan Community and New American Youth Soccer Club. 

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