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We recently observed what Christianity refers to as “Passion Week.”

It is the time we remember the events of Jesus between Palm Sunday and his resurrection. During that time, we reflect on the passion in which Jesus lived and died. This serves as an inspiration for us to find our own passion. Here are a few things to consider.

First, passion is a function of purpose. Without purpose, we will awake each day looking for things to do with our time.  Picture a lion in the zoo. The lion is the “king of the jungle,” not the king of the zoo. In the zoo, his roar has no purpose, so he stops roaring. He has no jungle to rule so he lays around all day waiting for someone to poke and prod him to do something. Purpose without passion is weak, and passion without purpose is empty. They both are needed. Purpose is the “what” to do and passion the energy that drives you to do it.

Passion supersedes talent. Just because you do something well does not mean that you have pleasure in doing it. Passion is the higher calling. The dictionary defines passion as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” I like to define it as the thing that gets you up in the morning and keeps you going throughout the day. It is not merely the ability to do something, but rather, the “want” to do it. It is what gives meaning and color to your life. Passion is greater than talent because it is where desire and enthusiasm meet talent.

Passion supersedes time. Whenever I am engaged in my passion, time seems to stop. I discovered my passion for writing by accident. It was many years ago and during one of the most difficult periods in my life. One day during that period, I was watching a daytime television show in which people on the show shared that they used journaling as a means of healing. I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose but a little time. Once I put pen to paper, time stopped, and healing started. Words, thoughts, and ideas flowed freely. I would write for hours, and it would seem like minutes. Passion supersedes time so when you find your passion, time is removed from the equation.

Take some time to discover your passion. You will be glad you did. Passion gives meaning to each day. You will know it is your passion because it will be tied to your purpose. When that happens, the lion in you will come forth. Your roar will come back, and you will know what to do with the time you have in each day. Finding your passion is a precursor to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister and motivational speaker committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

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