Today, now more than ever, we have to be careful of the information we take in.

With volumes of toxic, misleading and harmful information on the rise, you have to be extremely vigilant. You are the one who will feed your brain the information that it needs to make your life successful. One of the sayings in computer lingo is “garbage in, garbage out.” This means if you only feed your brain junk, it can only produce junk. When you discipline yourself to feed your mind the most powerful, positive information available, it will produce the most positive, powerful outcomes. I know you are blessed, but here are some “computer basics” to help keep you from being stressed with mess.

Back to basics

To keep from being stressed with mess, we must keep some basic computer principles in mind. Our brain is like a giant computer that runs on the programs we write every day. The world is the recipient of our programs whether they are good, bad or indifferent. “Hello world.” It is the first line of code that someone starting out in computer programing will write. It is a very simple program that allows the programmer to see that the things that were written behind the curtain are now available for the whole world to see. Keep it simple. Positive affirmations written on sticky notes attached to your mirror that you recite out loud daily will go a long way in keeping your brain focused on the positive and help keep the garbage out. .

Write your life’s program

Don’t program stress in your life. This means take control of your life by actively steering it in the direction that you want to go. When you determine what you want your output to be, you are able write your life’s plan to bring it to pass. Letting your life run on the default program that is created from life’s mistakes, mishaps and shortcomings is never good. If you do not write your positive life’s story, the messy one will be the only one people read. Write the program. Establish a mission plan, write your personal vision statement and let your brain’s computer produce the outcome your desire.

Change your life’s program

Programming, like life, is not a single action event. Life’s programs constantly need changing. There are upgrades, new versions and corrections that are needed. The environment that we live in is not static, so your life’s program must continually evolve. Although life is full of stress and mess, no single event should be allowed to be the determining factor in your life. Mistakes happen. Bad things happen. Change the program. Those who rewrite their life’s story, rewrite it to have a happy ending. We all have the power to change the negative program our life is running on to a better one. Reject the garbage of self-pity and despair and replace it with one of healing, hope and happiness.

Stop the flow of garbage in. Your senses are your input keyboard. What you see, hear, taste and touch will be filed into your brain’s computer.

Garbage in, garbage out. Your choices today will determine your output tomorrow. You have the power to rewrite your life’s story. Begin by writing your first new affirmation based on Psalms 139:14 “I will praise you Lord because I am beautifully and wonderfully made.” Starting your day off with this affirmation will serve as a personal declaration of who you are, and it will remind you that you are special, unique and have no time for garbage. In other words, “I am too blessed to be stressed with mess.”

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. To get copies of his books, for questions, comments or more information, go to

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