Bronx-based graffiti artists Tats Cru – comprised of Bio, Nicer, and BG183 – has a residency at Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA).

During their April 26 – May 4 residency, Tats Cru will complete an 840 square foot (60’ x 14’) mural to serve as a backdrop for the forthcoming skateable art plaza on the JXTA campus. The creation of the mural is part of a four-year, $14 million campus renovation campaign. As a part of their residency, Tats Cru will also host the first Minneapolis gallery exhibition of their work. Their exhibition, “Live from New York,” will be on view in the Emerson Gallery, 2007 Emerson Ave. N. from May 3 – June 29.

This residency serves also as a prelude to Juxtaposition Arts’ annual fundraiser, Move the Crowd, which will take place on May 3 on the JXTA campus.

This is Tats Cru’s first visit to Minneapolis since a local residency in 2011. During that visit, they completed two murals around the Juxtaposition Arts campus. A mural at the JXTA campus gateway proclaims “Welcome to North Minneapolis” on the exterior west-facing wall of 1808 Emerson Ave. N. (where JXTA’s Textiles & Screen Printing, Environmental Design, and Graphic Design Labs are currently housed). Another mural depicting JXTA’s 2018 Bruner Loeb Forum conference “Putting Creativity to Work” decorated the exterior east-facing wall of JXTA’s now-demolished building on the corner of Emerson Avenue North and West Broadway Avenue.

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