You spend more than 90,000 hours in a lifetime at work.

Are you happy? One third of your life you commit to a job. Does your paycheck truly reflect the investment you made in work ethic, time, commitment, and loyalty? You show up on Monday fully using your gifts, talents and abilities for the task at hand. Are you burnt out by Friday with stress, lack of appreciation for a job well done, and passion that is trampled? As you assess your career path, there is someone to help you plan next steps.

Meredith Moore Crosby is invested in people evolving into a fulfilled and whole individual. “Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward,” is a book penned by Moore Crosby to help readers in charting their path to success. She shares her testimony of lessons learned while experiencing corporate advancement with global impact. Additionally, she provides guidance and tools to help readers realize their value and act accordingly.

“If you can participate in your own rescue, if you can show up for you every day, imagine what could be possible for your life. Instead of waiting for somebody else, do it for yourself. You have to participate in your own rescue,” said Moore Crosby.

In fact, it was the facilitation of her own rescue that helped Moore Crosby understand the severity of the issue, and the opportunity. A graduate of Howard University (Washington, D.C.) for undergraduate studies, and a graduate of Northwestern University (Chicago) for graduate studies, Moore Crosby made quick strides in corporate advancement excelling in executive corporate leadership positions. Some of her major opportunities included serving as a director of Global Community Engagement for McDonald’s Corporation and serving as director of Strategic Initiatives for 3M Corporation. 

In all the success she garnered there was more she wanted to achieve.

“I met Valerie Burton, (life coach, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur), when I was at McDonald’s and she was kind enough to feature me in her book and so I reached out to her to say I feel like I am at a point in my career where I need new skills. I think I am at a point in my career where I am ready to pivot and do something different and she is one of a handful of people that can certify coaches. I didn’t want to be a coach if I wasn’t going to be certified,” said Moore Crosby.

In 2016, Moore Crosby joined Leverette Weekes, a company founded by her father, Cornell Moore, to develop talent and business partnerships in real estate, sports, food and beverage, hospitality, banking and manufacturing. Her responsibilities entailed revitalization of the brand and working on diversity needs of the tech industry. In September 2017 Moore Crosby was appointed CEO and president of the company. She led the work of relaunching the company into a public relations, executive coaching and consulting agency. Leverette Weekes works with clients such as Lyft, the Knight Foundation, Shine Text and other Fortune 100 companies, to develop strategies for promoting inclusion, communication and advancing career opportunities.

“What I found is that people didn’t know the words to have a conversation to get unstuck. And my job in all these companies was to figure out why people were stuck and how to get them out of that because it was in the companies’ interest for you to be the best performer in your job. I started writing this book. I also wrote it for a mom that didn’t have the time to go sort through Amazon for what is the best for a woman of color who has kids, working in corporate America, and has a great job,” said Moore Crosby. “That's where (the inspiration) came from.”

Richfield Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez – the first Latina mayor in Minnesota’s history – has benefitted from the coaching of Moore Crosby.

“We need (Moore Crosby’s book) now more than ever,” said Regan Gonzalez. “We all know our country and our world is rapidly changing and we need leaders, like (Moore Crosby) said in the book, that can get above the clouds, that can get out of the day to day reactivity, polarization and othering; so that we have strong woman leaders that can focus on our goals and on our vision and keep ourselves, our families, our businesses and our communities moving forward. That is exactly the type of leadership we need. The book is all about helping us get unstuck to step into our power and help transform our communities and our countries.”

 “Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward” is available online at

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