Musings on Trump, Russia, ‘The Wall,’ Twins and Timberwolves: The return of ‘Nobody asked me’

Nobody asked me anything while l was healing and rehabbing my injuries.

It's been a long road back, but, happily, it included a lot of time to watch the country and think … when l wasn't averting my eyes. Here's some of what l thought.

We don't need a wall along our southern border. No invading army wears flip flops and hitchhikes to the battle site with babes in arms. It isn't as if our neighbors to the south can slip into the country, sit back and watch the welfare checks roll in. They work multiple jobs, without healthcare, at pitiful salaries, and send U.S. dollars home to countries our economy continues to impoverish. The rise of drug trafficking in those countries is a response to the scarcity of real opportunity there. Not unlike the scarcity of opportunity available in communities of color here.

The wall that needs to be built is a firewall to protect this “democracy” from Russian social media cyber interference. How does Mike Flynn get his way paid by Russia, sit next to Putin at a State dinner there and return to get a job here as National Security Advisor? How does Paul Manafort do work for a Ukrainian oligarch and return to run Trump’s campaign? How does Rex Tillerson get a medal in Russia and return to be named secretary of state? Would anyone who doesn't think Trump picked these folks at Putin’s direction smack themselves upside the head for me.

For a drug running business to succeed, mules must be moving freely back and forth across borders. The Honduran flip flop army intends to stay.

All white folks in America are themselves immigrants and asylum seekers unless their name is Running Bear (English translation) or some such.

The craven spinelessness of Republican Congresspeople is stupefying. I find myself yearning for the time when l just couldn't stomach Republican policies. They couldn't be as blind and stupid as they appear. So, they must think we are blind and stupid, or they wouldn't think they could urinate down our backs and tell us it’s raining. I predict that, one way or the other, Trump will not run for reelection and may well leave the White House in shame, as Tricky Dick Nixon did. Young folk may have to google Tricky Dick.

Have Republican lawmakers ever admitted who would benefit if ObamaCare went away? If not, why not? Because insurance companies know who benefits. The devil himself shouldn't even vote Republican.

I won't miss Brian Dozier or Joe Mauer as Twins this spring and summer. The absence of Mauer’s salary should leave room for pitching upgrades. The owners seem to be colluding to keep free agent salaries down. I’ll miss Eduardo Escobar. I think the clubhouse will, too. Let's hope the new Twin brain-trust is waiting to pounce on pitching nearer to the start of spring training.

I cannot fathom what was on Jimmy Butler’s or Tom Thibodeau’s mind. The Wolves’ summer was a slow-motion train wreck. Josh Okogie was a steal. He will help me forget Zach Levine.

Where's Title IX when l want to watch Lindsey Whalen’s Gopher women play? They're the best kept secret in town.

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