Rex Smith and Kennedy Smith

Rex Smith with his daughter, Kennedy Smith, during the 2019 Positive Image Father Daughter Dance. 


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will serve as the keynote speaker for the Positive Image Father Daughter Dance, which takes place Feb. 23 at 6155 Earle Brown Dr. in Brooklyn Center. 

The Father Daughter Dance focuses on the importance of healthy, strong relationships between fathers/father figures and their daughters. The event creates a space where young girls can celebrate with their father/father figure and have self-esteem reinforced in a celebratory environment. The evening includes dinner, words of encouragement from local leaders and a night of dancing and interconnectedness teaching their daughters’ what it feels like to be treated with love and respect. Fathers range from recent, first-time fathers to grand fathers and great grandfathers and the daughters range from toddler to adult. 

In its eight years the event has grown from 150 attendees the first year to more than 800. 

“Positive Image’s Father Daughter dance is intentional about extending our invitation to underserved populations including single fathers, stepdads, grandfathers, mentors, and family members who play a positive role in a young girls’ life,” said Terry Austin, founder of Positive Image. 

Positive Image works with local non-profits, a variety of churches, and multiple school districts to help dads build relationships with their kids by offering parenting classes at Pillsbury United Communities Oak Park Youth and Family Center. Positive Image also provides programming to fathers and their children surrounding parent/child stress reduction, social boundaries, online safety, dating safety, co-parenting creating vision boards mapping out their dreams for their families. 

“In light of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi (Bryant)’s unfortunate and sad tragedy, Positive Image wants to remind the public on why we have been putting on this events for the past eight years,” said Tommy McNeal of Positive Image. “#GirlDad is just a hashtag for most people, but it has been something supporters of Positive Image have been for a long time.”


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