Planting People Growing Justice has partnered with the City of Minneaoplis-ReCAST and the Minneapolis African American Heritage Museum and Gallery to present the Sankofa Teach In.

The family-friendly event is a 400-year commemoration of Africans being brought to Jamestown, Va. by the British and being forced into slavery. 

“Planting People Growing Justice (PPGJ) is excited to partner with the City of Minneapolis-ReCAST and the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery to host the Sankofa Teach In,” said Dr. Artika Tyner, CEO of PPGJ.

The two-hour event takes please this Friday (Aug. 23) from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Individuals are invited to the program that will be held at the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery, located at 1256 Penn Ave. N. in Minneapolis.

The event will emphasize culture, resilience and healing.

Attendees will embark upon an exploration of the history of the slave trade, along with a panel discussion about the power of culture and resilience. A community healing circle will take place and the first 50 attendees will receive an autographed copy of the book “Amazing Africa: A to Z” authored by Tyner and Monica Habia.

Dubbed “The Year of the Return,” many African-Americans are reclaiming their heritage through journeying to Ghana, informational events and cultural celebrations.

In the Twi language of Ghana, sankofa translates into the phrase, “go back and get it.” It’s also a reference to the Asante Adinkra symbol of a bird with its feet facing forward and its head looking backward. The mythical bird represents learning the wisdom of the past and using that knowledge to move forward.

“This event will be a remarkable Sankofa experience of returning home, reclaiming our rich cultural heritage and embarking on the journey of community healing,” said Tyner.

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