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Tide Cleaners is offering free laundry for COVID-19 front-line workers. 

 Front-line responders are putting their safety on the line every day to ensure the health and well-being of the Minneapolis community during the current COVID-19 Pandemic and Tide would like to help lighten the load on them and their immediate family members. 

Tide Loads of Hope will provide free laundry services to medical personnel, police officers and firefighters at all Tide Cleaners locations in the Minneapolis area. Minneapolis medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and their immediate family can locate a nearby Tide Cleaners and get their personal clothes washed for free. Storefronts can wash items like jeans, shorts and tee-shirts as well as socks and undergarments. 

For Minneapolis-area front-line responders and their immediate family members, visit Hope.TideCleaners.com to find out more about the service and find the nearest Tide Cleaners. Pack up your dirty laundry and either drive to your nearest Tide Cleaners storefront or request home service pick-up at participating locations. Verify that you are a front-line responder with badges or a valid form of identification. Must have a photo ID or picture of it if you’re a family member who is bringing it on their behalf. 

Front-line responders eligible for free services include paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital and medical staff, medical researchers, police officers and firefighters. Immediate family include next of kin or individuals that share the same household address. Free laundry services are available for up to four bags per household per week until May 9. 

COVID-19 exposed clothing, clothing worn while treating patients, leathers, comforters and wedding dresses are not eligible. 

“We are proud to launch Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners in the Minneapolis community,” said Jenny Maxwell, associate director for Tide. “The front-line responders of Minneapolis are working tirelessly to keep our community safe. Our hope is to make everyday chores like laundry as seamless as possible and lighten the load for those at the front lines during this time.”

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