Anika Bowie

Anika Bowie

Minneapolis NAACP executive board member Anika Bowie is running for St. Paul City Council.

Bowie announced her candidacy to represent Ward 1 on the first day of Black History Month.

Born in the historic Rondo neighborhood Bowie said, “With over 100 years of history in Rondo, my family roots run deep in the heart of Ward 1. The residents of St. Paul nourished the seed of servant leadership in me and with their support, I aspire to serve as City Council.”

Since 2016, Bowie has served as an executive for Minneapolis NAACP leads the Ramsey, Hennepin and Dakota County Warrant Resolution Day initiative, which helps hundreds of people resolve warrants issued for minor offenses. She currently serves on the St. Paul Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission and leads the Restore the Vote Minnesota Coalition of more than 50 organizations throughout the state. The coalition seeks to restore voting rights to individuals with felony convictions.

 “Throughout my career, I have advocated for art, education, restorative justice, and racial equity, and criminal justice reform,” said Bowie in a statement. “My community was built by laborers who made St. Paul a vibrant place to live. As a candidate for Ward 1, I will continue the path of servant leadership by putting our community first.”

Bowie, who lives in the Rondo neighborhood, will seek DFL endorsement. She graduated from Central High School in St. Paul and holds a Bachelor’s in criminal justice from Hamline University.

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