Brett Buckner

Brett Buckner

With the pandemic finally waning, the months ahead will be crucial in ensuring a successful economic recovery. There are important priorities on the line right now, as we look towards administering more COVID-19 vaccines, re-opening the economy, resuming normal life, and continuing critical conversations In Minnesota surrounding the global reckoning on racial equity.

But the recent focus on anti-technology rhetoric from Republicans has distracted many government leaders from these more pressing concerns. Over the last year, there has been a growing conservative movement against tech companies. Most recently, when Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the company’s decision to keep Former President Trump off its platform this month, the GOP backlash was immediate. Many Republicans decried the ruling, calling to “break up” tech companies and enact stricter content moderation policies.

President Biden clearly recognizes this as well, recently revoking a Trump executive order that attempted to limit liability protections for all online platforms. A conservative-driven agenda, coupled with potential economic consequences, is a combination that should give legislators pause; and with recovery on the horizon, it distracts from the real needs of our communities.

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