The 13th Annual Community Empowerment Through Black Men Healing Conference convenes virtually this week on June 24 & 25, 2021. The theme this year is "The New Normal." The conference takes an in-depth look at what "The New Normal" could mean for the Black Community. Thought leaders and activists examine the past and the present of what is considered normal for the Black Community, through a process called black deconstruction, and at the same time envision strategies to construct a “New Normal" that will lead to community empowerment and healing.

“We realize that a stronger, thriving African American community improves the health of the community and the society as a whole,” conference organizers said.

     Called “groundbreaking and visionary” from its inception in 2009, the conference convenes national and local educators, and community practitioners to discuss and introduce practical culturally sensitive, trauma informed initiatives leading to the improved health and wellness of African American men and their families.

The conference looks at violence, drugs, poverty, and emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Systematic concerns notwithstanding, the personal accountability of men is brought to the forefront., Because African-American men’s trauma is typically dismissed and not addressed, they pass their trauma on to the women and children in their lives. Thus the cycle of pain continues and the community suffers tenfold.

In an era of decreasing resources and increasing disparities in African American community, the conference addresses blind spots linked to historical trauma that impedes collaboration, leadership succession and sustainable change.

Participants learn about the link between historical trauma and disparities and discuss culturally sensitive trauma informed projects and/or community based best practices. And they talk about the importance of clinicians, practitioners and the community being aware of the trauma link.

This conference discusses alternative ways of thinking about community building “from inside out” versus “the outside in” by addressing intergenerational trauma and focusing on the healing. 

Examining the link between intergenerational trauma and the beliefs and behaviors that act as self-imposed barriers that challenge the community’s present and future provides context and insight on current community based projects and strategies that promote “compassionate accountability” and healing.

For further information: HealingBrothers@COMCAST.NET/  612-721-0106

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