Amanda Matchett

Amanda Matchett

Attorney Amanda Matchett of Blaine is officially launching her candidacy for State House District 37(B) with an ice cream social on Tuesday (Aug. 13) at the beach at Blaine's Lakeside Commons Park, 3020 Lakes Pkwy, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Matchett is seeking the DFL Party's endorsement at the caucuses next February to challenge Republican incumbent, Rep. Nolan West, in 2020. Matchett says she is running because Blaine "deserves an inclusive, proactive leader that is invested in Blaine."

Matchett grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has called Minnesota home since she graduated from Michigan State University's College of Law in 2011, when she moved to the Twin Cities to join her sister and her family. In addition to serving as a delegate for the DFL in the past, Matchett has worked in the legal departments of several Minnesota companies including Thomson Reuters, Davisco Foods International and Fairview Health Services. Currently, she serves as associate general counsel in the Healthcare Division of Infor, a St. Paul-based company that sells cloud software for over twenty industries.

Matchett says her years in law have made her “an accomplished negotiator,” a skill she plans to use to advocate for the residents of Blaine in the Minnesota House.

“As your representative I will listen to and be present for my neighbors – all my neighbors – to generate solutions and advocate for change on the issues that matter most to Blaine," said Matchett in a statement.

While Matchett touts her shared values with Democrats on immigration reform, racial equity, reproductive rights, the environment, healthcare, and elder care she said she plans to focus her campaign on local priorities including investments in infrastructure and education. She pointed to Highway 65, known as Main Street in Blaine, as a road in need of repairs and possible widening and she said she would advocate for state support to fix the roadway.

“I am committed to advocating for quality infrastructure as Blaine continues to grow,” said Matchett. “I have absolutely fallen in love with Minnesota and I am running to make Blaine a safe, diverse, and economically sound place for your family and my nephews to grow.”

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