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Retired Brigadier Gen. Carol Eggert with Insight News editor-in-chief Al McFarlane.

The moment she walked through the door of the Marcus Garvey House in North Minneapolis for a video interview on “Conversations with Al McFarlane,” you could tell she was a woman of great distinction. 

Retired Brigadier Gen. Carol Eggert, vice president, Military and Veteran Affairs at Comcast may have completed her military service, however, she continues to serve another mission. The mission: to close the digital divide.

The digital divide is a technology inequality between those who have and those who do not have, access to affordable internet access. Since 2011, Internet Essentials has been Comcast’s answer to helping close the digital divide.

Eggert is leading the charge to ensure the digital divide is a thing of the past. One could say her role is a “twofer” at Comcast; combing her 30 plus years of military and civilian experience.

Recipient of numerous commendations including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and multiple awards of the Meritorious Service Medal, this foundation of service fuels Eggert’s passion for outreach in the military and veteran community; and ignites her commitment to helping underserved communities.

Staying true to its mission “to improve and enrich our communities” Comcast supports grassroots community-based organizations through its Internet Essentials program.

According to the 2012 Pew report, “Digital Differences”, only 62 percent of people in households making less than $30,000 a year used the internet, while in those making $50,000 – $74,999 that percentage jumped to 90.”

Statistics put together by, a group of Silicon Valley tech employees reveal that only 49 percent of African-Americans and 51 percent of Hispanics have high-speed internet at home, compared to 66 percent of Caucasians.

People qualify for Internet Essentials if a child in the household is eligible for the National School Lunch Program, they receive HUD housing assistance, are a low income verified veteran or are a low-income senior.

Internet Essentials is sponsoring a series of 12 Conversations with Al McFarlane interviews with community organizations working with Comcast to bring internet access to underserved communities and families. The television series will air on SPNN Television in St. Paul and on MTN Television in Minneapolis later this month. The individual interviews are available at the multimedia tab at, and\insightnews.

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