Curtis Shanklin

Curtis Shanklin

Curtis Shanklin has been appointed as the new deputy commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Corrections Community Services division.

Shanklin is currently the state co-coordinator of the Minnesota Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (MN JDAI). MN JDAI places focus on finding equitable and public safety-focused outcomes for justice-involved youth. During his career, Shanklin has worked directly with clients, as well as corrections program management.  

“Curtis Shanklin brings an energy and perspective to our team that will benefit both our staff in the field and our connection with our community partners,” said Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell. “I’m confident his ability to build relationships, and in his deep knowledge of the work, will result in improved outcomes for public safety and new opportunities for transforming the lives of those involved in the criminal justice system.”

With more than 20 years of experience, Shanklin served as both an adult and juvenile probation officer and re-entry services supervisor for Arrowhead Regional Corrections in Duluth, along with previous work in both secure and non-secure correctional facilities. Curtis holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. He has served as an adjunct faculty at Metropolitan State University for the Department of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement and is a U.S. Department of Justice accredited Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) auditor.  

“I am humbled by the privilege to serve as deputy commissioner of Community Services under the leadership of Commissioner Schnell. I looking forward to joining my new DOC colleagues and our community partners to bolster staff safety and deliver transformative programming,” said Shanklin. “I’ve always held the belief that anyone can be a ‘Monday morning quarterback,’ but if you really want see change that delivers equitable outcomes, you have to be willing to get in the game and do your part. I’m ready to get to work.”

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