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“I haven’t walked in a Black person’s shoes,” says Michael Rainville, candidate for the 3rd Ward city council,” but I can certainly listen and learn.  Our current state-of-affairs can no longer be a Black and white issue shaded in racist ideology, inequities, and inaction.  It must be about the future of all residents in all wards embracing the richness of our many diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and genders.  This upcoming municipal election will determine whether our citizens decide the way we used to think and separate ourselves in silos is still okay and safe for their families, or if they realize if we don’t start thinking about a reckoning that will bring about unification, economic and racial justice, training and good paying jobs so people can afford a decent place to live, quality education and health care, then we’re heading down a dangerous path and a destructive outcome.”

Former mayor Sharon Sayles Belton who has endorsed Rainville,  describes Rainville as  sincere in seeking to lead and serve the 45,000 diverse constituency that is Ward 3.

 “I am proud of having grown up and worked all my life in the Third Ward.  My family is a legacy family whose heritage in business and politics has benefitted many Minnesotans. We continue the work and maintain our commitment to our community and to the city because that’s how the Rainvilles have been raised from generation to generation.  Our forebearers would always say, whatever we did in life, we were to do a little bit extra for the place where we lived,”   Rainville said in a Conversations with Al McFarlane facebook-Live podcast.

Rainville says the current city council is far from honest and transparent.  “They have their own ideas and could care less about what their constituents think or need.  That’s wrong,” he says.  “What happened to being a trustworthy leader, willing to be concerned about neighborhoods they have been elected to serve?”

“I might be an old guy,” Rainville said, “but I’ve got a lot of miles left.  My decades of experience and my energy can help turn our city around.”

“If elected, I want to meet individually with each member, get to know them, and learn about their intentions and what they see would be a new beginning for a new council.   I want to stand side by side with Rev. McAfee and Bishop Howell; with Chief Arradondo and Inspector Charlie Adams.  That’s where the leadership will come from.  Listening, researching, planning, and action!  Our young men and women in our neighborhoods should be sought out and encouraged to look into occupations of service such as firefighters, police officers, and teachers.  Sadly, we don’t have enough officers and investigators to follow up on serious crimes, and the gang leaders know it.” 

Rainville says there’s been no evidence that there is any understanding or compassion for the impact the surge in violent crimes has had on everyday lives as long as it’s not affecting individual’s immediate families, friends, colleagues, or themselves.  Downtown will remain an empty hole,” he says.  “There will be little tax revenue. So whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, we’re all going to have to start paying a whole lot more in taxes due to the inactions of a dysfunctional city and governing council.” 

“People are hurting, and I intend to bring my skills, work ethic, positive community relationships, and the vision of positive changes we can achieve together with a St. Paul-like political structure to help ease the pain and begin the healing of deserving residents who love this city as I do.  We must realize and care that the country will be watching Minneapolis is going to do in this election.  I hope and pray the city and people do the right thing,” Rainville said.

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