Maurice Harris

Maurice Harris

Maurice Harris will run for one of three Golden Valley City Council in the November 2019 election.

The first-time candidate said he brings fresh vision and a proven track record as a thoughtful consensus-builder and change-maker to Golden Valley.

“There is a real need for new perspectives on transit, housing and infrastructure improvements in light of impending regional demographic changes,” said Harris. “Right now, the council is having trouble coming to consensus and moving forward on major issues facing our city.”

Harris recently completed his tenure as chair of the City of Golden Valley Human Rights Commission, on which he served since 2017. He is a member of the City of Golden Valley’s Rising TIDES Task Force, which is charged with developing policies to assist the city in implementing its equity plan. Harris has worked in regional development, in Missouri and Minnesota since 2011.

“What impresses me about Maurice is that he has been here just three years,” said Harris’s campaign manager, Jennifer Sampson. “Some would see that as a liability, but he has done more in three years to make Golden Valley a better community than many long-time residents. It shows how committed he is wherever he goes, and I think that’s very telling about his sincerity about improving lives and communities.”

Harris said he will work to increase affordable housing and to change zoning codes to ensure more choice for homeowners, including needed options for those caring for elders.

“Golden Valley City Council needs someone that is ready to make choices that set this community up for success long into the future,” said Harris.

If elected, Harris will be the second African-American to serve on the Golden Valley City Council. The first, John Mitchell, was elected in 1980.

“We have a history of progress here, but we need to build on it,” said Harris.

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