Gov. Tim Walz notified the Minnesota State Legislature of his intention to appoint 16 area residents to serve on the Metropolitan Council including seven people of color.

When seated, the nominees would represent the most diverse council in its more than 50-year history. Per statute, the governor must notify the legislature of his intention to appoint five days prior to the deadline of March 4, at which time the appointment becomes official, pending confirmation by the Senate. The new council members will be sworn in at a special council meeting March 6.

“These 16 individuals reflect the people of our metropolitan region,” said Walz. “They bring with them deep experience in the council’s core work areas, a history of public service, robust business experience, and strong connections to community. I am confident in their commitment to servant leadership and public engagement.”

“I can’t wait to get to work with this group,” said Metropolitan Council Chair Nora Slawik. “I know we all have a lot to learn from one another, and that our region will benefit from their many areas of experience and passion. By re-appointing two current council members, we will have a level of continuity to help guide the many new voices and channel their energy to the benefit of the region.”

The appointees include seven people of color or indigenous people (POCI), seven women, two incumbents, and two immigrants. Appointees (listed in district order) are Judy Johnson, Reva Chamblis, Christopher Ferguson, Deb Barber, Molly Cummings, Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson, Robert Lilligren, Abdirahman Muse, Raymond Zeran, Peter Lindstrom, Susan Vento, Francisco Gonzalez, Chai Lee, Kris Fredson, Phillip Sterner and Wendy Wulff.

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