Minneapolis-based company Henna & Hijabs (H&H) this month launched a groundbreaking partnership with Nordstrom to sell an exclusive line of luxury hijabs – one of the first offered by a major U.S. fashion retailer. 

The Nordstrom x Henna & Hijabs Collection features organic hijabs created to be ethically responsible to both people and the environment. The collection is available at Nordstrom.com and is in sixteen Nordstrom stores nationwide, including Mall of America and Ridgedale. 

Founded by 26-year-old Hilal Ibrahim, Henna and Hijabs is designed for the modern Muslim woman, but accessible to individuals across many backgrounds. After pioneering the first healthcare hijab in 2019, Ibrahim continues to address the lack of access Muslim women face in finding sustainable and fashionable hijabs. 

Henna & Hijabs said the partnership with Nordstrom to introduces one of the first luxury hijab collections to be sold at a major U.S. retailer on an ongoing basis. Designed for the modern Muslim woman, but wearable for individuals across many backgrounds, the collection features a versatile mix of prints, vibrant colors and fabrics that are designed to offer incomparable style and flawless function as a headscarf. View the Nordstrom X Henna & Hijabs collection at nordstrom.com/hennaandhijabs 

Henna & Hijabs was founded by designer Hilal Ibrahim, 26, to address the lack of access Muslim women face in finding sustainable and fashionable hijabs in both retail and healthcare settings.   

“I am grateful to find collaborators that are committed to creating a place where every customer is welcome, respected, appreciated and able to be themselves.” said Hilal Ibrahim, H&H founder and CEO. “Henna and Hijab’s mission is inspired from a place of inclusion and representation. As an entrepreneur and designer, I hope our new partnership with Nordstrom and this collection of hijabs will offer millions of underrepresented women a favorite new addition to their closet, but also inspire them to reimagine what is possible and find inner strength.” 

The new collection includes pieces for every setting ranging from everyday luxury to special occasions silks. Accessories include under caps and an exclusive H&H Signature Pin, giving wearers confidence with fashionable and secure fastening options. Pricing for the luxury pieces starts at $45.  

“We are honored and excited to be partnering with Henna & Hijabs to create a thoughtfully designed collection of hijabs for our customers,” said Jen Jackson Brown, EVP and President of Nordstrom Product Group, Nordstrom, Inc. “We look forward to continuing to evolve our assortment, while listening to our employees, customers, brand partners and neighbors along the way. We hope this collection provides a sense of pride, excitement and confidence for an otherwise underrepresented community of women.” 

In addition to the Nordstrom collection, H&H is creating transformative, culturally inclusive hospital apparel for patients and healthcare workers through its growing H&H MED line. In 2019, H&H launched the world’s first-ever medical-grade hijab for healthcare workers and patients.  

Henna & Hijabs is a Black, women owned Minneapolis-based company founded on the belief that fashion can be good for both people and the planet. “We are committed to creating beautiful handmade hijabs and organic henna.” Find out more at hennaandhijabs.com.  

Engage with H&H on Instagram @hennaandhijabs and Facebook at Facebook.com/hennaandhijabs

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