History was made in Minnesota when a little before midnight the race for Minnesota Attorney General was called for Rep. Keith Ellison. 

Less climatic due to an overwhelmingly favorable Democratic district, but no less of an accomplishment, Rep. Ilhan Omar made history becoming the first Somali-American to be elected to the U.S. House, where she will represent Minnesota's 5th District. The historic wins were part of a Democratic wave in the state.

Come January, every statewide office will be in the hands of Democratic officeholders with the state's top job going to Tim Walz, who bested President Trump supported Jeff Johnson. Walz' running mate, Rep. Peggy Flanagan, will become the nation's first Native-American lieutenant governor. 

For Ellison and Omar, making history is becoming par for the course. It also solidifies Minnesota's 5th as one of the most progressive districts in the nation.

Ellison served the district for 12 years before announcing he would seek statewide office. As the district's representative he made history becoming the first Muslim elected to Congress. Omar, who will now serve the 5th, made history in 2016 when she was elected to the state House becoming the first Somali-American nationwide to serve in a state House. 

Ellison's victory over another of Trump's touted candidates, Doug Wardlow, was somewhat of a nail-biter with some polls having Ellison down as many as eight points, but a strong ground game, particularly in the state's metro areas, seems to be what pushed Ellison to victory. 

In Hennepin County, Angela Conley and Irene Fernando made history becoming the first people of color ever elected to the Hennepin County Commission. Conley is African-American and Fernando is Filipino-American. Hennepin County voters also ousted Sheriff Rick Stanek, narrowly selecting former Minneapolis Police Officer Dave Hutch. Hutch will be in rarefied territory when he assumes the office as one of the nation's only openly gay sheriffs. 

When Omar takes her oath of office she will do so as a member of the House majority as Democrats won enough seats to take control of the House. The same is true in the Minnesota House with the DFL flipping 17 state seats. 

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