Juxtaposition Arts co-founders DeAnna Cummings (left) and husband, Roger Cummings. 

Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) launched a $14 million capital campaign to renovate and rebuild their current space to nurture young artists in the North Minneapolis community.

“This campaign is about the next generation coming behind us not having to start from the ground up,” said co-founder and CEO of JXTA Deanna Cummings.  “We are really undertaking a cultural legacy campaign.”

The organization was founded in 1995.

“Roger (Cummings) and I and (Peyton Russell) created JXTA to be the place we wish we had around when we were kids,” said Cummings.

Co-founder and chief cultural producer of JXTA, Roger Cummings, wants the new building to be a “Baby Wakanda right on the corner” and “new space for youth artists to learn and thrive in North Minneapolis.”

“I want to be remembered as an ancestor who gave something to the future,” said Roger Cummings.

One-point-six million dollars has already been raised for the campaign including $1.3 million granted to JXTA by the McKnight Foundation. The intersection of Emerson Avenue North and West Broadway will be a skate and art park.

“I feel like it is a privilege for the McKnight Foundation Board of Directors to make the commitment to be a first in lead foundations,” said McKnight Foundation President Kate Wolford.

She said this investment is in alignment with the foundation’s goals and commitment for racial equity and inclusion and “really wanting to transform disinvested neighborhoods.”

Wolford said Juxtaposition Arts works with the community’s “greatest and often underutilized assets.”

“JXTA is a global leader,” said McKnight Foundation Program Director Benson, who describes Deanna Cummings and Roger Cummings as having a grounded sense of purpose. “They had already cut a pathway of hope and creativity with the founding of JXTA.”  

The money raised will fund the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of a new building, the purchase of equipment and furnishings, programmatic expansion and a reserve fund.

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