Maria Isa

Perez-Hedges is a cultural community organizer, international recording artist, and youth worker.

On Wednesday, Maria “Isa” Perez-Hedges kicked-off her campaign for Senate District 65 at the West Side restaurant El Burrito Mercado Restaurant Cafe y Bar.

Perez-Hedges is a cultural community organizer, international recording artist, and youth worker. She currently directs the mentorship program for the Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project which empowers young people through music and a cultural curriculum. She also serves on the State of Minnesota CAAPB Public Task Force, working to ensure the Capitol is a welcoming space for community.

A Type 1 diabetic and insulin organizer, Perez-Hedges has been a prominent leader in the fight for affordable health care in Minnesota. In April 2020, she played an integral role in advocating for the passage of the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act. Additionally, following the impacts of Hurricane Maria, Perez-Hedges led community-driven efforts to provide relief funding and resources to Puerto Rico.

Perez-Hedges’ campaign centers on small business economic development, a fully-funded public education system, increased health care funding and access, and expanded affordable housing. Across issues, she emphasizes the need for building healthy systems for young people and culturally-competent public services.

Perez-Hedges will seek the DFL party endorsement and will compete in the 2021 DFL primary. For campaign updates, follow

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