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Meredith Moore Crosby


By Meredith Moore Crosby

Hi, I’m Meredith Moore Crosby. My purpose is creating opportunities by connecting and collaborating with people for change. I want to support and build the visibility of catalytic community, corporate and business leaders in the Twin Cities.


My whole life I’ve been proud to be from Minnesota. I grew up on the shores of Lake of the Isles as the youngest child of Cornell Moore and Wenda Moore and I believe in the Prince version of Minnesota. When asked why I live here I quote our icon: “the cold keeps the bad people out.” After 35 years as a Minnesotan I’ve discovered, it’s not that we keep people out, it’s who Minnesotans invite in.

During the daily conversation about lack of talent, educational gaps and policing in our communities, I decided to focus on creating opportunities as an entrepreneur. With over a decade in corporate America I returned to my hometown with my husband, my high school sweetheart. We grew up in this community and we are excited for our young sons to experience our memories of our hometown. We hear enough about the odds ready to hold us back. Minnesota taught me at a young age to face these overwhelming facts and do it anyway.

When I decided to lead Leverette Weekes (I am a wife and a mother with young children and have no entrepreneurial experience) I was mostly motivated by my history. After taking an African Ancestry DNA test, I discovered my maternal lineage leads to Nigeria, specifically the Fulani and Yoruba people. This piece of personal truth allowed me to see past the limits of Minnesota. I respect my hometown as my starting point, but not my roots. As African Americans, our roots connect across the diaspora. In my journey to find my professional tribe I discovered the resources and wealth of our community. Each new wave of residents is a chance to share our past and participate in changing our future.

Meet Opportunity is a weekly column starting this edition. As a native of Minneapolis and resident of St. Paul, I represent the present. I am proud of the legacy of my parents and excited to uplift the names advancing the community and joining our tribe. Each week I will ask an individual who is contributing to our community three simple questions … what is your purpose, how can we help and what does change look like?

I hope you will join me on this journey. I am honored to have this opportunity and look forward to working with you to uplift our community. We will continue the conversation in person and online with the hashtag #meetopportunity. Let’s get started contact me on Twitter @meredithmcrosby or email

Meredith Moore Crosby is an entrepreneur and writer working and living in the Twin Cities. Connect online @MeredithMCrosby or

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