Gov Tim Walz

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

At the Ironworkers Local 512 Training Center in St. Paul, Governor Tim Walz signed the $1.9 billion Local Jobs and Projects Plan that will invest in construction and renovation projects across the state and create thousands of jobs for Minnesotans. The bill received overwhelming bipartisan support in the Minnesota House and Senate.

“Our Local Jobs and Projects Plan will create thousands of good-paying jobs at a time when Minnesotans are looking for work," said Walz. "This bipartisan plan invests in the projects that local communities told us matter most to them. Whether that's roads and bridges, clean water, or affordable housing, this plan will help ensure every community in Minnesota prospers."

“This historic bonding bill includes investments that will help build stronger, safer, and more equitable communities across the state. When we listen to, partner with, and invest in communities, we get better results. I’m grateful to the community leaders and legislative partners who worked with us to get this done, including $30 million dedicated to BIPOC communities,” said Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan. “These projects reflect our commitment to the world-class educational institutions, affordable housing, and safe infrastructure that make Minnesota one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family.”  

The $1.87 billion bonding bill will help pay for hundreds of infrastructure projects that will bring long-term benefits to communities across the state, including:

  • $627 million for transportation infrastructure, including local roads and bridges
  • $269 million for water infrastructure projects 
  • $166 million for the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State 
  • $116 million for safe and affordable housing  

The bill also includes tax cuts for farmers and small businesses, funding to allow the Willow River and Togo correctional facilities to remain open, and temporary pay increases for personal care assistants who care for vulnerable Minnesotans.

In addition to being the largest bonding package passed in Minnesota history, the Local Jobs and Projects Plan was built with unprecedented public input. For the first time, Minnesotans had the opportunity to comment on all bonding projects submitted for consideration. Walz and Flanagan also embarked on the first-ever Governor’s bonding tour to visit local projects across the state. A full list of projects included in the bill is available here.

Walz also signed SF 27 into law, providing additional eligibility flexibility to the Farm Loan Origination Fee Grant Program, and HF 15, allowing notary services to be performed remotely through a teleconference.

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