Proposal: Immigrate to Mexico

Carol Cao


Commentary by Carol Cao

If you can’t beat em’, leave em’.

Donald Trump has hollered this proposition: erect a wall between the U.S.A. and Mexico to bar undocumented immigrants from entering the land of the free.

Our nation had made its choice, preferring him over the qualified, but corrupt (the socially-tolerable level of corrupt), Hillary Clinton. The nation chose Donald Trump, who never had a political office title to (get his secretary to) type on his resume.

From the side of Donald Trump, there’s a bellow of “Go back to your own country” attitude toward the Mexican-American population.

Sure, why not?

After all, more Mexicans have been returning to Mexico rather than entering America. Mexico’s economy has been improving.

So we’ll just migrate there too; beyond the walls of President Trump. History books will call this, the Minority Migration.

The African-American community should find a home in Mexico, sick of being told to temper down their tears for their shot brothers and sisters. Don’t worry, they’re adjusted to being evicted and moved around. And soon, the upper-class white people of Trump-America will no longer have to worry about the irksome inconvenience of headlines reporting the complaints of African-Americans bemoaning police brutality.

Muslim-Americans are welcomed to build their mosques safely in Mexico, accommodated by the rise of Islam in Mexico. They will be glad to join the Mexican Muslims and have space to pray for America without the “The Big Trump is Watching” surveillances.

The Asian-Americans should follow. They may have a history of being conservatives, but they are shifting away from the Republican side. They also won’t take kindly to a President who mocks their accent.

But I am being exclusionary here. Never forget the whites. They’re welcome in Mexico, no, not as tourists, but as permanent residents. The lower-income white Americas want to get away from Trump’s intent to keep the minimal wage small. There will be middle-class and upper-class whites following suite, since they don’t want the embarrassment of having their privilege associated with Trump.

Mexico, the new Promised Land. America will crumble, but we still have to be weary. America will be our ranting neighbor, the one that shouts expletives over our lawnmower invading Trump his property lines. At least, we strike a blow to America’s economy. No more Mexican-Americans purchasing goods and offering services to the market.

All right, let’s be clear about the cons. This is not the perfect solution. If War World III breaks out, we’re on our own.

That’s why we have to build the wealth in Mexico to compete with Trump’s American wealth so we can afford security and protection. With Mexico claiming the title of the “Melting Pot,” the economy will be diversified in prosperity and the mix and mingle of cultural input will enrich innovation.  And we’ll find the opportunity to rise against him.

But most importantly, we have to keep affording the cost to shelter the refugees fleeing Trump’s regime. OK, Donald Trump, we’ll give you your prophecy of a Great White America. It’s win-win. Satisfied?

For the past few months, the nation remained suspended in a voting interval of “if,” not “when.” We were in the limbo of the “if” – the possibility of an imperfect but secure Clinton administration or a Trump dystopian nightmare. And now, the latter has been chosen. It would have saved us an evacuation from the catastrophe – an American Apocalypse to be told in the future history books of Mexico.

If only Hillary Clinton could have become our president. No, she could not have completely obliterate the hard times … the economy zig-zagging up and down, people crying for their lives to matter, etc.; but it wouldn’t be possible Armageddon.

We can’t reverse the nation’s choice in its new commander-in-chief.

We stood by and let the nightmare happen, so we have to be on the move. We’ll pack up our greatness and take it elsewhere before before America’s designated tyrant touches it.

Note: This piece was initially constructed as a backup plan, proposed before the election with the faith that the nation wouldn’t elect Donald Trump. It has been repurposed for the current events of this nation.



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