Heidi Heiland, owner and operator of Heidi's GrowHaus Gardens came to the community’s rescue recently. She donated a truckload of starter plants to Project Sweetie Pie. The plants support the  USDA demonstration project entitled "The People's Garden".

Minneapolis is one of 17 cities selected across the US slated to create and promote “Gardens for Good”. In essence Gardens for Good is a modern day version of the Victory Garden campaign implemented during World War II. The gardens are a national effort to address food access and food insecurity.

Project Sweetie Pie created a collaboration that partners the Celestial Garden-2210 Emerson N., with Pillsbury United Farms-1701 Oak Park Ave N., and E.D.E.N Gardens-38th and Emerson Ave N.

Produce harvested provides fresh vegetables for the community meals being served weekly at Oak Park. At Oak Park, community members enjoy each other’s companionship over a home cooked meal every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays-4-6 pm.

The Michael Chaney Mixim: Partners in community are seizing this unique opportunity to demonstrate unity while operationalizing sustainable development goals being advanced by the United Nations  as a framework for addressing global warming/climate change.

Partners include: Project Sweetie Pie, GrowHaus,  Tangletown Gardens, Growing North Minneapolis, Pillsbury United Oak Park, Zintkalaluta, Hennepin County Green Partners, Minneapolis Edible Boulevard Gardens, Sustainable Resource Center, Northside Safety N.E.T, Environmental Initiative, Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust, Northside Green Zone Task Force, Caring Is Culture, Restoration Inc, Brother's Empowered, Xerces, USDA/NRCS, City of Minneapolis/Step-up, America Heart Association, Loving Spirit Holistic Services, Urban Ag Initiative, Mortenson Family Foundation, Patagonia, BF50 Indigenous Health, Nature's Path.com

Chaney is inviting residents and businesses to help. To get involved, collaborate, volunteer in the garden or help stage community engagement activities, he says, “Invest in the community. Invest in yourself. Join us as we continue to bring healthy fare to the village square.”

For further information: Michael Chaney - Project Sweetie Pie: 763-227-4881.

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