Trump must go

President Donald Trump is unfit to lead this nation. Washington Examiner

The violence this past weekend in Charlottesville, Va., further underscores the urgency of rooting out domestic terrorists who have become more emboldened during the political rise of their chosen leader – now president – Donald Trump.

The “Unite the Right” rally was no less a threat to America and its citizens than ISIS or any other terrorist group seeking to do harm to the men, women and children of this nation. And while we at Insight News hold paramount the tenets of the First Amendment, understand that freedom of speech is not limitless.

The famous analogy of limits to free speech is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. We submit that this past weekend’s gathering of white supremacists – armed with guns, knives, pipes and torches – was akin to yelling fire in that crowded theater. Their words of hate indeed put the public in imminent danger. Look no further than Heather Heyer, killed by a hateful individual fueled by the words of hate mongers David Duke, White House Strategist Stephen Bannon and yes, by the words of the nation’s president, Donald Trump.

Over the weekend there were calls for Trump to admonish the racists by name – something he reluctantly did Saturday (Aug. 12) several hours after Heyer was brutally killed by the charging car of James Alex Fields, Jr. only to retract his condemnation the following Tuesday and again blame “many sides” for the violence that left nearly 40 injured. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy took to Trump’s favorite method of communication, Twitter, to shut down Trump’s false equivalency of “many sides.” McCarthy wrote, “On one hand you had the Nazis who were violent (and) on the other the allied soldiers were very violent. So it’s a draw. Many sides you see.”

But let’s not forget when it comes to spewing hate Trump is the lead antagonist. It wasn’t Duke who said at a 2016 Trump rally, “I’d like to punch him in the face” to a protester and, “in the old days” protesters would be “carried out on stretchers.” It was Trump who said it. As we see now, he might as well have been yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

Sadly, we know we cannot count on the Trump Administration, nor his Justice Department, to quell the level of vitriol being spewed by the so-called “alt-right,” or as they have been known throughout the years by their other affiliations – the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi, skinhead, John Birch Society, birthers, etc. Equally as sad is the truth that this violence will not end under the current leadership. Again, the current leadership has time and again encouraged violence against United States citizens.

Let us not forget that it was Trump advisor, Michele Bachmann, who last month stoked the flames of racism by calling a Minneapolis Somali police officer an “affirmative action hire by the hajib wearing mayor.” It is seen as no coincidence that less than two weeks following that proclamation a Dakota County Muslim cemetery was vandalized and a Bloomington Islamic center and mosque was bombed.

Again, fire in a crowded theater – or as fate would have it, a crowded mosque.

The incidents of the recent past have led to one conclusion. Based on this issue alone, President Donald J. Trump is in fact a root cause of violence against this nation’s citizens and his unwillingness to denounce – and more importantly, take actions against – the violent white supremacists terrorizing inhabitants of this land makes him unfit to lead.

Therefore, Insight News, an institution dedicated to the freedoms, liberties and well-being of all of this nation’s inhabitants, calls for the immediate resignation of President Donald J. Trump. We do not make this call lightly, nor in haste. This call is in direct response to the refusal by the Trump Administration and its Justice Department to protect its citizens from numerous acts of domestic terrorism occurring under the current administration’s watch; and in many instances, carried out in the name of Donald Trump.

It is past time we douse the fire in the theater named America so we can truly become the United States.

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