A new resource is available for residents in North Minneapolis.

Turning Point Recovery Center opened its doors June 21 at 827 W. Broadway Ave. The culturally specific service center provides individual and family counseling, legal consultation, job training and employment resources and HIV testing. In support of those recovering from alcohol and/or chemical dependency, Turning Point Recovery Center also provides peer coaching, recovery navigation and culturally specific support and resources.

“If someone comes in, whatever the need, we’re here to serve you,” said Dr. Peter Hayden, founder and president of Turning point, which also operates an inpatient treatment facility at 1500 Golden Valley Rd., Minneapolis. “It might be as simple as someone needs to talk and needs someone just to listen.”

Hayden said the West Broadway location was intentional.

“Here, there’s a lot of activity with drugs and alcohol addiction. We wanted to be right here to offer the time and place to change your mind … change your life,” said Hayden.

The vast majority of those seeking treatment at Turning Point are African-American and Hayden said the make-up of the Turning Point staff is intentionally reflective of those seeking treatment.

“Our staff here treats you as a loved one, so that breaks down barriers,” said Hayden. “When (someone seeking assistance) sees someone who looks like them and who respects them as a person it opens the conversation to get at the root of the issue.”

“This center is a lifeline here on West Broadway,” said Stella Whitney-West, CEO of NorthPoint Health & Wellness. “To have a place with open doors where people can walk right in and get assistance is everything. For a lot of people, coming through these doors is a last resort. This (West Broadway) is where other organizations need to be.”

Former Minnesota Viking and current broadcaster, Greg Coleman, came to support the opening of the recovery center. He said the center is another part of changing the narrative of North Minneapolis.

“Everyone wants to label North Minneapolis as hell on earth but that’s not the case,” said Coleman. “God says give your brother another chance. Turning Point is here and it’s giving people hope … giving people a chance.”

Turning Point Recovery Center is open Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and Saturdays from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Those seeking assistance can call (612) 244-2044 or go online at www.ourturningpoint.org.

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