Welcome to the Post Grad Chronicles

Abeni Hill during a 2012 visit to Belgium.

My name is Abeni Hill and I am having a crisis … a quarter-life crisis.

It feels strange to write it. I remember the first time I identified that is what was happening.

The moment I realized I was having a crisis was a couple of days before my 25th birthday. I turned 25 in late August this year and the past few months leading up to it were the most difficult time of my life.

For the first time since I graduated from college in 2014, I am completely uncertain of what road I should take next in my life. There are no tests to pass, no grades to earn, and no grade level to enter.

I always knew I loved to write. I always knew I wanted to go into journalism, ever since I served on my high school newspaper. Life seemed to fall into place. It was all so simple. I knew what I needed to do to succeed in school, but I didn’t learn much about life.

Before returning to Minnesota last June, I spent the past two years as a teaching assistant in China. I worked at a local university in a city called Zhuhai and helped the students with their English papers and homework assignments. While working and living across the world from the U.S., I had the opportunity to travel across Southeast Asia.

It seemed like time stopped while I was abroad. I wasn’t working on my career. I hadn’t fully grasped that graduating college didn’t mean I was guaranteed a job.

Personal growth has never been so painful. I faced more rejection during my job search than I have ever faced at any time in my entire life. I have a very blurry picture of what I want my career to be, while watching some of friends and family flourish in their careers and in life.

I have found solace in some of my friends who feel lost like I do. I found this is the most comforting thing about having a crisis: you find out you aren’t alone.

For that reason, I am calling this monthly column “Post Grad Chronicles.” Every month, readers can read about how I am coping with the “quarter-life crisis.” Simply put I am using this column and Insight News as my accountability partner to continue to challenge myself and be a self-starter for my own personal growth. I will write about my struggles with becoming an adult and finding self-love and self-confidence. Please join me on my journey to finding and protecting my magic.

Abeni Hill is a part-time Editorial Assistant at Insight News. Hill graduated from Augsburg University with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and journalism. 

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